Oct 9/10 Training

Some of you are getting ready for the final meet of the season, the Best of the West this Thursday @ 4PM (time change), while others will be in the final training cycle before the State Meet and won't race the Best of the West. 

For the State Meet Crew, we've got this final cycle to get better.... 1 more Long Run, 1 more Tempo Run, 1 more Specific Mixed Workout and then a final prep workout the week of the state meet.  

There's a tight battle for the boys #7 spot and the boys & girls alternate spot for the state meet.  We use average place on the team to rank and we'll use Best of the West to sort that out.

If you're not on the Long Run list, you're racing Best of the West and you'll do a 40 minute Recovery Run Sat or Sun + Rope Stretch and the Rewire Routine. 

Long Run (either Sat afternoon or Sunday) 

Alex & Simeon- 11 mi @ 7:30

Caden & Sean- 10mi @ 7:45

Grady- same, but 8-10mi

Joey- same, but 7-9mi

Hailey & Bri- 10 miles @ 8:25

Sierra, Gracin, Lucia- 9 miles @ 8:55

* Elise, the same, but 8 miles

Gracie- 7-8 miles @ 8:40