Best Option:  get into an Advanced Weights Class.  You'll have access to a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and commitment is automatic, since it's literally a class you have to take. 

Good Option: go to Physio Mon & Fri mornings at the weight room (6:30 AM).  Again, access to a CSCS, but you'll lose a little sleep.  You have to have rock-solid commitment and mental toughness to get to all of these sessions.  This will be possible for some of you. 

OK Option: you lift on your own on Mon & Thur.  You'll get the basic movements (push-pull-squat-hinge-rotation).  You won't have a CSCS to guide you, so you might mess things up.  

Horrific Option: you don't strength train or you randomly lift and miss the benefits of: 
  • injury resistance
  • increased running economy (free speed)
  • endocrine system response (growth hormones)