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Current Roster

If you're not on this list, you haven't used the sign-up form yet.  Sign-up and complete all of the items from the checklist before the first practice on Monday 8/14 @ 6:30 AM (Sioux Park) 

Remember, you can't come to practice until you have your yearly athletic physical completed.  

Aaron Letner

Abigail Eisenbraun

Adelaide Kleinschmidt 

Adison Armstrong

Aidan Padilla 

Alex Hresko

Andrew Gunderman

Annabella Speidel 

Ashlynn Wellman

Brady Peck

Brayden Collins

Brinna Sheldon

Chase von Savoye

Cooper Whitted

Corban Piper

Damian Eyre

Dominic Wurdeman 

Eden Otten

Emerson Buchholz

Gavin Friend

Grady Loos

Isaiah Geffre

Jaxon Hanson

Jeriah Alexander

John Achter

Joshua Piper

Kadance Holso

Kayla Harris

Landin Vidas

Lee Decker

Liam Homa

Macie Erwin

Madeline Carcamo

Magnus Kleinschmidt

Marieda kalahar 

Mason Hough

Miles Brekhus

Noah Ketel

Oden Kleinschmidt

Olivia Boerger

Owen Johnson

Sydnie Gray

Tate Van Beek

Tommy Houghton

Viona Sietsema 

Whitli Adams

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