What do we do with money we raise? 

Although this isn't an all-inclusive list, here are a some things we have done- or would like to be able to do- with funds raised throughout the year. 

  • Daily Recovery Snacks and Nutrition

  • Chocolate Milk or other recovery drinks

  • Cups and ice

  • Materials like white boards, makers, pens, pencils, etc.  

  • Training logs

  • Training tools like kettlebells, med balls, stretch ropes, etc. 

  • Team gear like warm-ups, t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, spikes, etc. 

  • Incentives and rewards for Mile Club, etc. 

  • End of the Year Team Awards and materials

  • Meals on trips 

  • Team Activities

  • Team Camps

  • Bring in Guest Speakers/Clinicians

  • Youth Clinics and Running Events 

  • Coaching Education

  • Tech tools like GPS watches

  • Website hosting fees

  • Anything else we see fit to enhance the program and the student-athlete experience as a Runnin' Raider. 


Coach Jesse Coy

4215 Raider Rd. 

Rapid City, SD 57702


Tel: 605. 605. 9820

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