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Week 1= 30 miles

Week 2= 40 miles

Week 3= 50 miles 

Still come meet with the team, but follow this for the first week and then we'll see how you feel and go from there. 

I would add some morning cross training: 

1. bike or swim; biking will be more specific. 

Mon 1/22- 4mi E + 4x8s Hill Sprints + Strength 

Tue 1/23- 4mi E

Wed 1/24- (same as everyone; 45' E + Speed/Plyo

Thu 1/25-  (same as everyone) 10x30s Hills + Strength 

Fri 1/26- 4mi E

Sat 1/27--6mi Progression Run (7:30 out,  6:30 back) 

Sun 1/28 - Off 

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