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Runnin' Raiders:

It went so fast...

First of all, I just want to send out a big "Thank You" to all of the parents for making sacrifices and helping get your students to all of our practices and meets throughout the summer and in-season.  We have a lot of early morning practices and last minute schedule changes to make training and racing arrangements ideal and we truly appreciate your flexibility and support.  I know it's not easy. 


And to the kids on the team: you're the best.  I'm proud of you and excited to see what we can accomplish the rest of this year and beyond.  It's so much fun for us to coach you. 


A couple of items as we enter the final week of the regular season. 


1. Team Pics 

Monday at the normal practice time @ Storybook Island.  If you didn't get an envelope today, I'll send an image of one. 

What to wear? 

New white long-sleeves and jeans. 

You can also turn in Uniforms & Jackets at this time if you haven't already. 

2. State XC Meet  

Here's a link to the average placings to see where you stacked up on our team this season. We have two great squads that will be in contention for State Championships next Saturday in Huron.  


Boys: Simeon, Grady, Sean, Miles, Magnus, Aaron, John, Leo (alt)

Girls: Bri, Gracie, Sierra H, Adelaide, Adison, Sierra M, Kadance, Lucia (alt)


As a program, we have 30 Class AA Team Championships. In the last decade the lowest we have placed as a team is Boys (5th) and Girls (6th).   


We're on a great streak which will continue next week.


3. Awards

We'll have a date set after the State Cross Country meet has concluded.  Look for a voting survey after the State Meet. 


4. How to Get Better

Regardless of how the season went, the #1 goal is to improve.  


It's the same goal I have as a coach, so I spend ~500 hours a year digging through training research and information so we can do things a little better each year.  No matter what, getting better is going to take work; it doesn't just happen. 


So, here's a few simple things that take ZERO TALENT and can transform your running career: 

  • Run 6 days/week for 48 weeks of the year. 

  • Train with the best runners on the team. 

  • Do all of the pre-post run work (Mobility, Strength, Plyo, Core, Drills, etc.) 

  • Prioritize Sleep, Hydration and Nutrition 


I'll use the four Seniors running at state as examples of what happens when you match the desire to improve with hard work over time. 


Simeon Birnbaum 1,720 miles in 2022

  • 10th Grade: 16:29 (5th Class AA) 

  • 12th Grade: 14:47 (Ranked Top 5 US) 


Bri Holso 1,355 miles in 2022

  • 9th Grade: 20:11 @ State 

  • 10th Grade: Didn’t make the State team

  • 12th Grade: 17:56/ 2nd Stevens girl ever under 18:00 


Sierra Hopp 1,322 miles in 2022

  • 9th Grade: 20:46 (49th at State)

  • 12th Grade: 19:27 (Ranked Top 20 Class AA)


Sean Kilpatrick 1,095 miles in 2022

  • 9th Grade: 20:04  (Ranked 187th in Class AA)

  • 12th Grade: 16:46 (Ranked Top 20 Clas AA)

If you want to improve, there is a path. 


5. Nike Heartland Regional

One of the best post-season races in America and it's in Sioux Falls! 

Nike Heartland Regional 

The meet is OYO (we'll sign up as a team) so you'll have to provide your own lodging/meals/transportation, but this is a fantastic opportunity. 


If you want to run this meet, keep showing up to practice.  We'll have Open Roads starting Monday after the State Meet to prepare for this race. 


More information later, but if you're going to run it, keep training. 


That's it!   Have a great weekend. 


Coach Coy 

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