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These are the resources that I seem to use most when creating training plans.  If you have a nerdy side to you and are interested in training, these are some good books to buy and resources to read/watch.  


  • Daniels' Running Formula (Daniels)​​

  • Better Training for Distance Runners (Martin & Coe) 

    • Multi-Pace Training​

  • Road to the Top (Vigil) 

    • Physiologist & Master Coach​

  • Science of Running (Magness)

    • How to apply current research to training​


  • Run with the Best (Ray & Benson) 

    • Mix of the Lydiard/Cerruty methods 

    • Importance of hills, volume and a weekly speed-session

  • Running My Way (Wilson) 

    • Training philosophy of Harry Wilson who coached Steve Ovett and others.  Lots of current training looks a lot like what Wilson was doing in the 80's.  ​

  • Train Hard, Win Easy- The Kenyan Way

    • Mileage, Tempo Runs, Hills and Fartlek are the main ingredients to Kenyan Success

  • Healthy, Intelligent Training (Livingstone) 

    • modern approach to the Lydiard method​


  • Functional Training for Athletes (Radcliffe)

    • James Radcliffe was the Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Oregon and worked with the Oregon Track Club, specifically Nick Symmonds, who was an Olympian in the 800 meters. ​

    • Love this book as it's sport (event)-specific strength training

  • NSCA Strength Training (Brown) 

    • Research-based strength

    • You have to nail the basics and this book will guide you there

  • Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Running (Blagrove)

    • This is a newer book that I am really starting to like

  • Anatomy for Runners (Dicharry)

    • Guide on how to use strength training, resolve injuries and move better​


  • Cold Clear Day (Murphy) 

    • The story of US record-holder in the Marathon, Buddy Edelen

    • Has South Dakota roots; packed up everything and moved to Europe to train

  • Once a Runner (Parker)

    • Cult-classic​

  • Running with the Buffaloes (Lear) 

    • Gosh, this is a good one. Follows the University of Colorado through a Cross Country season​

  • Sub 4 (Lear) 

    • Another one by Chris Lear- this follows HS phenom Alan Webb through his first season at Michigan where he eventually left to turn pro.  ​



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I like to look at training themes of college/pro groups and scale them to HS runners.  Making a good connection from what we're doing to what the best colleges are doing is key. 

3200/1600 Training (Tom Schwartz)

  • "Tinman" has coached many top runners and helped Drew Hunter under 4:00 in the mile as a HS student.  

Nick Symmonds Training Log for the year he ran 1:42

Elite College Training 


Bowerman Track Club Training (arguably the best training group is US history) 

Nick Willis (Ron Warhurst training; Very Nice Track Club, Hobbs Kessler,etc.) 

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