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Drake Mile Week! 

Check out the Monday workout.  It's an AM/PM workout, but really it's just separating what you would do in one normal workout.  However, you'll recover better this way for Friday AND still get in work that's going to pay off later.  Just make sure you get in good nutrition after the AM workout (protein/carbs).  Neither workout is designed to be "hard", but to balance out the training and fill in all of the gaps so that you're ready for any type of race and have no weaknesses. 

You could do the Monday AM workout on the treadmill or outside.  If you need a break at any point in the 20' Tempo, just rest for 1' and then get back into the pace.   1mi WU/ 1mi CD is fine.  


The PM workout is an 800m-focused workout that will help you for the Special 800, but not leave fatigue for Friday. 

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