• New Balance Week.... I'm excited for you- what a great experience this will be! 

  • You had a sort of a legendary 6-5-4-3-2-1 workout last week that will help you next Sunday.  This week is just cruise control and doing just enough to keep-up the systems/paces that you'll need for Sunday.  

  • Sleep, hydration & nutrition will be important this week, especially knowing that you'll have some travel. 

  • Monday will be "topping up" of Lactate Threshold; not a full workout, but enough to keep up the aerobic system.  You can do this in Fartlek form as it doesn't need to be an exact pace.  

  • Thursday will be some rhythm work hovering above/below Mile Pace.  Nothing to fatigue you, but enough to get the pace wired in your legs. 

  • Saturday's pre-meet, you can go 30' + 2x80-60-40 @ Mile-800-400 Rhythm.  With a plane ride, you'll want a couple of extra strides than usual in there to shake things out. 

  • Sunday- Make sure to do the "activation warm-up".  I'm not sure what the staging area/timing of it all will look like, so you'll want to be "extra" warmed up just in case.  Honestly, it's better to feel "too warmed up" than not enough.  


Mon 3/7

Threshold 1K's

  • 2mi E

  • 4x (3:2) Lactate Threshold Fartlek  (on portions @ 5:20-5:15)

  • 2x20s Hill Reps @ 800m Effort

  • 1mi E 

Tues 3/8

  • 40' Recovery Run

Wed 3/9

  • 40'  Endurance Run

  • 3x5s Hill Sprints

Thu 3/10

  • 2mi E 

  • 2x300 @ 3K Rhythm

  • 2x200 @ Mile Rhythm

  • 2x100 @ 800 Rhythm

    • Full recovery on all of these​

    • 1mi E

Fri 3/11

Off/ Travel

Sat 3/12


  • 30' E

  • 2x80-60-40 @ Mile-800-400 Rhythm

Sun 3/13

Race Day

  • 1mi E 

  • Sprint Drills

    • 1' @ LT/ 1' E

    • 30s @ 5K/ 1' E

    • 15s @ mile/1' E

  • 3-4x50m @ 800 > 400 Effort

  • New Balance Mile