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The Colorado Buffaloes have Magnolia Road in Boulder...the Runnin' Raiders have Victoria Lake Road. 

Victoria Lake Road, or "Vicky" as the kids call it, is one of our best workouts.  We do some runs, like Med-Long or Long Runs here every other week or so during Cross Country and whenever we can in Track.   There are some monster hills that none of the teams we'll race will have to face. 


Runs on this road make us hard to beat. 


This is a road where cars occasionally travel, so be alert and run facing traffic.  

Sometimes there's cows and always watch out for reptiles. 


From Rapid City, SD travel south on Sheridan Lake Road/Old State Highway 40 (paved road) for 8 miles until you reach Victoria Lake Road (a well-maintained gravel road). There is a parking area located at the intersection of Sheridan Lake & Victoria Lake Roads.

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