Mileage Matters

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

One of the ways we keep track of training stress is through weekly mileage. We used to do this on individual logs, but we've moved to a group log/sign-in page. This helps me keep a more watchful eye on our training load.

As a developing athlete, one of the easiest ways to improve is through structured increases in weekly, monthly and yearly mileage. The simple task of consistent mileages literally changes the physiology of your body, providing you with a bigger engine (via increased mitochondria) and more efficient fuel supply (improved capillary function).

With a bigger/better engine, you immediately increase your performance potential and in turn, allow all of the other types of training we do (lactate threshold, VO2, speed-endurance, speed, strength & mobility) make a deposit for improvement rather than a withdrawal that simply increases fatigue.

Hailey Uhre. #1 Girls/ #4 Overall

The following are you Top 5 Runnin' Raiders putting in the work. Not coincidentally, all of these Raiders are included among the AA Rankings in either an open event or relay.

Boys Top 5

#1 Lucas Steiger (314)

#2 Liam Vidas (277)

#3 Luke Meyer (270)

#4 Hayden Grosz (217)

#5 Ben Jones (199)

Girls Top 5

#1 Hailey Uhre (218)

#2 Alyssa Franke (210)

#3 Haelee Wuertzer (173)

#4 Allie Salazar (137)

#5 Elise Unkenholz (125)


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