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Tues, May 3 Workout

Not sure if we'll have access to a track (MS meet @ Sioux Park) and not sure when I'll be back from the JV Meet, so go ahead and start this right after school.

The plan is a maintenance workout, leaving our big efforts for this weekend in Sioux Falls.

The workout starts with a threshold fartlek and then finishes with some race-pace type running to get the fast-twitch fibers ready for the speeds we'll encounter Friday/Sat.

Simeon, Alex, Grady, Sean, Joey

Hailey, Bri, Sierra, Gracie

20' Easy + Sprint Drills

3x (3:2) @ Threshold Effort (1600m PR + 60s)

  • Simeon ~5:10 pace/effort

  • Alex ~5:25 pace/effort

  • Grady, Sean & Joey ~5:45 pace/effort

  • Hailey & Bri ~6:10 pace/effort

  • Gracie & Sierra ~6:30 pace/effort

5x200m (or 30s) @ 3200-800m Rhythm

  • I'm not really concerned about time, just a cut-down of effort

  • Relaxed rhythm is most important

  • 100m walk/100m jog recovery

1mi Easy

Caden, Matt

Lucia, AJ, Gracin

20' Easy + Sprint Drills

3x (3:2) @ Threshold (1600m est PR + 60s)

  • Caden & Matt ~5:45 pace/effort

  • Lucia, AJ, Gracin ~6:30 pace/effort

4x120m (or 20s) @ 800/400 effort w/ full recovery; this might be 3' of walking/jogging

* all of these can be roughly the same speed/effort

1mi Easy

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