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Jan 24-30

Runnin' Raiders:

The 2022 T&F season is ALMOST HERE!

We have 30-some days of training before we start meeting officially for T&F. There's a good group that's already getting into great shape and we have some of you that are just starting or will start ASAP:)

This email is meant to guide you through the next 6 week training cycle. The objective of this training cycle is to take the next logical step in training to lead you to PR's in May.

If you haven't started running yet, you still have 18 weeks, so you still have time..but starting NOW is imperative if you're going to be on the D-Crew this spring!

Do. Not. Wait.

After School Groups

3:45 @ Sioux Park Daily

I'll be there M/F & Sat (time TBA). XC Captains & Upperclassmen (11/12th grade) Leaders, start the T-Th workouts. This is your time to lead and impact our team. Not everyone will run together, but it's important to meet up at the same time each day.

For everyone, know that your presence ALWAYS makes a difference. Each of you matters.

We want BIG groups of runners training every this is a pic from Iten, Kenya. If you want to be show up everyday and put in the work with each other. There's not many excuses I can think of not to put in the effort.

If you're just starting, you'll want to spend 3 weeks without workouts and just running easy. This isn't indicated on the workout sheet, so you'll have to keep this in mind. So, essentially, you turn the first 3 weeks into all easy runs + whatever everyone else is doing pre/post run. If you're new, some of this will sound sort of technical....just show up and we'll run! You'll catch on with everything else as you go :)

Periodization/ Phase 2

With missing a track season in 2020 and last year's COVID guidelines, we were rushed and had to skip out on some of the educational components of running.

Watch this video to see how to properly complete workouts in Phase 2, learn about Periodization + more. This will be important to understand.


There's the option of a Wednesday AM run w/ Speed for those that have been training consistently and want to add some volume to their week.

Password: pts

What's New:

  • Addition of CV Intervals (~10K pace; fast end of Lactate Threshold)

  • Speed-Endurance (80-150m)

  • Full pre/post run routines (Restoration, Stability & Strength) are included.

Resources Here are a few resources that can help....

Indoor Track

There have been a couple of indoor meets and some more on deck if you want to participate. These are by no means required, as the primary aim of off-season training is investing (workouts) vs. spending (races). However, get in a race if you need some motivation or a fitness test. Coach Hendry has information on these races. We have had a couple of people race; Hunter a couple of weeks ago in the Mile and Alex (4:40) last weekend at the BHSU Alumni Meet. A couple of Runnin' Raider Alumni have had some nice performances thus far in the indoor season:

  • Hayden Grosz (BHSU) won the 3,000m at the BH Alumni Meet. He and Luke Meyer (Colo. Christian) are 11/10th in the RMAC at 8:47/48.

  • Erica Dykstra (BHSU) is 20th in the RMAC for the Mile (5:23)

  • Liam Vidas (Mt. Marty) ran 2:02 in the 800m @ the SDSU D2 Meet

  • Alyssa Franke (SDSM&T) is 9th in the RMAC 5,000 (20:01)

That's it. If you haven't joined REMIND, that's our weekly text notification group. Text: @stevensxc to the # 81010 Thanks! Coach Coy

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